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Cityscape Workshop

Brisbane City Sunrise

Cityscapes - Half Day (evening) Workshop:

Our Cityscapes Workshop is a half day (3 to 4 hour), practical workshop which will provide you with the confidence and knowledge that you need to take stunning images of the city as the sun sets, and the lights in the city buildings come on.

Here’s what you receive:

  • A half day of training from our award-winning, professional photographers
  • Guaranteed small groups (no more than 4 students per instructor)
  • Free access to our online assistance and development forum

This workshop is aimed at the complete beginner to photography as well as those with a little more experience and confidence using their camera. Maybe you’ve ventured into manual mode once or twice, or perhaps you would just like to give it a try. In either case, this workshop will give you an overview of fundamental photographic skills, as well as some tips and tricks used by working professionals to capture those stand-out images.

We’ll help you to get the most out of your camera and equipment, including:

  • The benefits of shooting RAW and in manual-mode.
  • Using aperture, shutter speeds, and ISO settings effectively.
  • How to get the most out of live-view.
  • Understanding what white-balance is and how to adjust it.
  • Understanding the histogram and how to determine the correct exposure.
  • Compositional foundations, compositional rules and why and when to break them.
  • The benefits of shooting RAW and basic processing techniques.
  • Safety and sensible equipment.


Brisbane City at Night overlooking the Storey Bridge



Meeting up on the Kangaroo Point cliffs about an hour before sunset, we’ll take you through the photographic basics such as ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture, as well as the fundamentals of image composition and how to frame your shots.

As the light fades and the colours of sunset are splashed across the evenings sky, we’ll teach you the techniques you need to capture these moments effectively, and also discuss the processing techniques to help give your images that extra pop.

We’ll leave the top of the cliffs shortly after sunset and begin our walk around to the Southbank Parklands. along the way there will be plenty of opportunities to capture some stunning images of the city lights reflected in the waters of the Brisbane River. Our professional instructors will be on hand to ensure that you receive the support that you need and to answer any questions that you may have.

The workshop will conclude at Southbank Parklands and after shooting the city lights from the banks of the river we’ll head to a nearby cafe for a cup of coffee and a snack. While there we’ll wrap up with a discussion on effectively processing your images, to correct minor problems and to give give your images that polished look.

Skill Level: