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Photography Workshops

Go Photo offers a range of short workshops from just a few hours to full-day experiences to help you improve your photography and have a fun filled and relaxing day out.

We have everything from a casual and fun afternoon shoot to help you get to know your camera, right through to intermediate and advanced waterfall and Sea landscape workshops, where we set off well before dawn to help you capture the best possible light, and discuss more advanced topics such as the use of filters and post-processing techniques to help improve your images.

Our current Photography workshops include the following:

Getting Started - Beginners Photography Workshop - A half-day (3 to 4 hour) workshop for the complete beginner

We'll cover off all the basics of your DSLR camera, including ISO, aperture, and shutter speed settings, as well as the basics of composition and focus. You'll have a much better understanding of your camera and will be confident using manual mode.

Gophoto beginners photography workshop image

City Lights, City Heights - A half-day (4 hour) evening city-scape workshop for the beginner and those with a little more confidence behind the camera, looking to build on and improve their low-light and night time photography. Besides learning the basics of using your DSLR camera, you'll also learn how to take stunning photographs of the city skyline at night! Go Photo Cityscape Photography Workshop Image

Oceans and Forests - A full day ( 8 hours+) workshop for those wanting to learn the skills to take magnificent photographs of the seaside at sunrise, peaceful flowing waterfalls, and lush rainforests. We'll have you up nice and early an in a prime location to catch the beautiful first rays of light as they splash across the horizon. We'll discuss more advanced topics such as the use of filters to balance exposure, as well as post processing techniques to help your images shine. We'll also take you to a magnificent hinterland forest where you will earn how to capture images of peaceful waterfalls with lovely silky-smooth water. Go Photo Sunrise seascapes and waterfalls photography workshop image

Waterfalls, Sunsets and Stars - A full day ( 8 hours+) workshop teaching you the skills required to effectively capture beautiful images of flowing water and waterfalls, as well as sunset photography, and the challenging area of low-light and star-trail photography.
Go Photo waterfalls sunsets and stars photography workshop image

Are you looking for a longer workshop or something more challenging? Check our range of extended tours and photographic adventures!