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Check out these awesome testimonials from some happy Go Photo course attendees!

I am very pleased that I contacted Go Photo to arrange a two day custom workshop, which I really enjoyed.

The first day we went through the zone system which was quiet informative and easy to understand even though this can be a difficult topic. We also went through my previous work and I received excellent feedback and advice on where I was going wrong. The second day we spent a few hours of shooting in the morning where it was all about exposure and how to expose Velvia 50 film correctly.

It is very inspiring to see and be guided by professionals like Stef who are very passionate and knowledgeable about photography.

Thanks for all your help Stef!

Dwarak C

I am a complete novice with no experience in the world of photography. 

Knowing that I knew nothing of photography, the structure of the tuition was perfect for me. Ryan delivered his knowledge is a slow but efficient pace so that I could take in and understand the information. I loved that it wasn't in a classroom or a large group as I was able to ask questions and practice techniques as we went. The location chosen was perfect, I was able to put together all of the techniques in a various conditions from extremely sunny to dark, from still landscapes to flowing water and moving animals.

I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and would recommend it to anyone who is entering the world of photography, I am now using my camera to the full potential and have some amazing pictures to show for it!

Ashleigh H.

In the darkness of the night, I never knew I could create such an image. 
Working together with passionate photographers who are open to pass on their knowledge helped me capture a story I wanted to create. Go Photo made me feel comfortable behind the camera and able to walk away with confidence. 

Lenita M.

I just wanted to thank you for your knowledge and efforts in delivering the Beginners Course. You have a gift for teaching! The course was very well structured, easy to understand and the pace was perfect for learning and reinforcing important basics. I am much more confident with my camera, especially in applying theory to practice, and better at troubleshooting and evaluating my shots. I would definitely recommend your course to others and hope to do other workshops in the future! 


Thanks so much for a great course on Saturday! I learnt a lot of great new tips and tricks and I feel much more confident and inspired to play around with my camera and aim for some great shots! Thanks again!